Carol Huang

Carol Huang

Developer Marketing Manager




Carol Huang is the developer marketing manager at Stripe. She works with engineers, developer advocates, and product leads to make sure developers integrating Stripe have the best experience possible. Previously, Carol grew developer communities at PlanetScale, Codacy, ubersmith, and MongoDB. She lives in NYC and enjoys supporting various subcultures related to folk singing and media analysis.

Carol HuangはStripeのデベロッパー・マーケティング・マネージャーです。彼女はエンジニアやデベロッパー・アドボケイト、プロダクトリードと協力して、Stripeと連携している開発者が可能な限り最高の体験を得られるようにしています。 以前はPlanetScale、Codacy、ubersmith、MongoDBで開発者コミュニティを構築していました。ニューヨークに住んでおり、フォークソングやメディア分析に関連した様々なサブカルチャーのサポートを楽しんでいます。



Working tightly with Dev Rel and Dev Marketing


Talk description トーク概要

A successful working relationship between engineers and community managers is based on trust, shared goals, and a mutual commitment to herding cats. In this talk, we’ll cover the importance of breaking down silos between your DevRel engineers and product leads to give your community the best content at the right times.

Carol will go over how to partner with your Dev Advocates on upcoming launch opportunities, how we structure different levels of GTM into every piece of content our Dev Advocates put out, and how to build a tight bond of trust through virtual coffee chats, daily video standups, and shared goals.