Daizen Ikehara


Developer evangelist




Daizen is a developer evangelist for Twilio living in Tokyo, Japan. He started his career as a .NET developer, and then he spent more than a decade in the User Interface industry with various roles such as support, pre-sales, marketing. He loves hanging around with developers and serving them. During the off-time, he loves to take long walks. He has circled the Yamanote-line a few times that it takes 40 km each time. You can find him on Twitter, Twitch and GitHub.



Let’s go online! How to make your participants “LOVE” your workshops

参加者が "LOVE " なワークショップをオンラインで開催する方法

Talk description トーク概要

Conducting workshops online is difficult. You have less opportunities to engage with students. Japanese participants tend to be hesitant to ask questions via chat. In this talk, I am going to share my experience to provide better experience for developers and have them start “LOVE” your programs.

オンラインでワークショップを行うのは難しい。生徒と関わる機会が少なくなるからです。日本の参加者は、チャットで質問することをためらう傾向があります。この講演では、開発者の方々により良い体験を提供し、プログラムを “好き “になってもらうために、私の経験をお話します。