Melody ✨

Melody ✨


Melody is a web developer, designer, writer, and community event organizer based in Philly. Sometimes they’ll cook up a fresh website that can generate beats, teach kids how to code, or even show you how to make some delicious tacos. You can find Melody on Twitter at @pixelyunicorn.

Melody は、フィリーを拠点とするウェブ開発者、デザイナー、ライター、そしてコミュニティイベントのオーガナイザーです。時には、ビートを生み出すような新鮮なウェブサイトを作ったり、子供たちにコードの書き方を教えたり、あるいはおいしいタコスの作り方を紹介したりすることもあります。

My Life as a Developer VTuber


Talk description トーク概要

I first used virtual avatars at the start of the pandemic in April 2020 (by screen sharing animal crossing as a webcam in meetings), experimented with a couple different virtual avatars throughout 2020, and started streaming as a VTuber in January 2021. Since the start of this year, I have attended nearly every single meeting, created some content, and even built a community of fans using a virtual avatar, and I have gotten nothing but positive feedback!

Being a VTuber is also a great way to get away with never turning on your webcam. For me, I find that it has the benefit of not needing to physically prepare myself for every single meeting by having to dress nicely and doing makeup (this especially benefits for women and the marginalized in tech) and it even provides some level of anonymity from harassment. I also find it allows me to be myself in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in the physical world.

At the end of my talk, I will also go over (extremely briefly) ways to get start with tools most developers already have – a computer and a webcam!